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No business is an island and inter-dependency is a fact of modern business life; with the multiplication of media of communication comes the opportunity to address advertising at new interfaces, and potentially, new audiences. We offer two options for advertising on our site - Corporate and Affiliate. To place an advert under any of these two offer categories, please contact our Customer Services.

Corporate/Business Adverts

This service is for Corporations and Businesses that would like to take advantage of our exposure and traffic, to boost the visibility of their organisations. This service is fee-based, involving the placing of banners on strategic pages of the site. The fee is negotiated based on profile, location, timing and duration, terms can be agreed for 'Click-Through', 'Page Impressions' or 'Term'.

Affiliate Adverts

Adverts are placed under this category by partners, affiliates or organisations that complement the profile and/or aspirations of Internet Technologies Ltd. Adverts placed under this category will almost always be reciprocal and free of charge. As previously stated, please contact our Customer Services to arrange to place an advert under any of these offer categories.