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The PassMaster

The PassMaster     Download a free copy >here<
The PassMaster: A Browser-based Knowledge Enhancement Solution The PassMaster is designed to support the learning process for school age children, the particular target being those in secondary school, and higher levels of education. It is an online, computer-based system for evaluating, stimulating, and consolidating knowledge: much more than just a testing tool. Among the key features that it provides are:

# Examinations for JAMB, WAEC, NECO (Maths, English, etc.)
# Timed Examinations and Individually Timed Questions
# Randomised, Unique Order of Questions and Answers, per Candidate
# Immediate Results with Summary, as well as Detailed Assessment of Performance
# Unique Result Verification Code
# Copy of Result by Email to Designated address

The concept for the PassMaster service is in continuing evolution, an initial demo release scheduled for the second quarter of 2014 will demonstrate some of the features mentioned above. It is anticipated that by the third quarter of 2014, or early 2015, venture funding would have been secured to develop and release a market-ready PassMaster service. The serice will deliver a very compelling feature-set, including among others, the following features to further aid students in their preparations for examinations.

# Examination Reports for Examinations and Groups of Candidates
# Adaptive Examinations that focus on the weak areas of Candidates
# Meta Examinations that help students understand how to answer questions

The PassMaster is an online examination delivery system with many complimentary features. By using a combination of hints and explanations, the system aims to initially prod the memory of students, and thereafter to reinforce their recollection by explaining the correct answer. Our adaptive examinations will go a step further by revising the selection of questions in real-time to test the areas in which students are under-performing. The simple and intuitive interface of the PassMaster system makes for easy navigation and use of the system by students, and the examination page provides very useful and precise information to help with focus and timely completion of questions and the examination. Internet Technologies Ltd., working through OKE Systems intend to make the service available in private institutions as an application (with many configuration options and administrative functions); in designated government sponsored locations and selected Web Cafes as a product; and over the Internet, as a pay-as-you-go service to the general public.

We are in the process of engineering other pioneering systems, applications and designs which we hope to release to the in the coming year. Many of our products and services are built on a foundation of innovative technologies that demonstrate that Nigeria is a place to reckon with, as far as IT is concerned.

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