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In the pursuit of a stated Mission Statement, the company has invested much effort and resources in the acquisition and retraining of key personnel, putting in place necessary equipment, and establishing essential business contacts and relationships. Over eighteen months later, management confidence in the competence of the team is sufficiently high to conclude that the foundation for an organisational structure and constitution that endures, and strives for excellency and progress has, GOD's grace, been established.

A new phase of development is now entered where the company has started to actively market itself to blue chip companies, and to express interest in high profile government projects that fit its aspirations. A survey of the Nigerian economy which we completed in December 2001 shows that there is phenomenal opportunity for growth, once the infrastructure problems, currently being tackled by the Obasanjo government has been tackled successfully.
A report - "The Nigerian Business Habitat : State of the Ark" is available; send an email to our Customer Services to request a copy. The report conludes that now is the best time for businesses to position themselves within the market, to reap, first-to-market and other benefits that will come in the very near future. Internet Technologies Ltd (nettechTM) is among the first, and perhaps the most pioneering of Information Technology (IT) firms in Nigeria today. The company has seen the opportunities and caveats first-hand, and can express high levels of confidence in opportunities for growth and Return on Investment (ROI).

The company is therefore very keen to attract Investors and Venture Capitalists to take an interest, and a stake in the company and/or its outputs. This is required to for a second round funding exercise to raise £400,000=. Such participation, it is hoped would allow for a more rapid iteration of growth=>consolidation cycles which are needed to take maximum advantage of the opportunities in the market today, and best position for later years. Please indicate a request for our company brochure and this will be included with your report.