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Direct Investment Indirect Investment Exit Routes & Investor Indemnification    

It is worth mentioning, at this juncture, that we expect that most investors will be taking a long term interest in our offers, rather than the opposite. However, as is expected, we have studied the economy in which we operate and distilled a formula for Investor Exit and Indemnification. The core business nettechTM will continue as an ongoing business with continuing investment from the existing directors of the company and emerging investors.

At all times, a sizeable proportion of liquid capital will be set aside for immediate partial repayments while all outstanding sums would have been repaid within the following 12 month period. While growth remains very high, the intention is to keep holdings within a private group of core investors. Public quotation is to be seen as a medium term aspiration. All services and products that are not intrinsic to the core consulting service, will, within a short time of attaining critical mass, be floated as fully independent businesses.

This process will be in the full view, and with the consultation, and agreement of all core investors. Exit and Indemnification will be among the considerations in the consultation exercise. Further details can be arranged with our Solicitors - Adeniji Kazeem & Co (24 Festival Road, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria).