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The company has invested in a number of strategic products and services, which themselves have the potential of becoming ongoing concerns in themselves, some of which are listed below. The company would like to inform investors about these outputs, as they may be more attractive, or complimentary to an investors portfolio. As such investors who may not necessarily be interested in nettech itself have the opportunity to participate in one of these interest instead.

Like most other countries the "Bricks and Mortar" Estates Agency sector is characterised by fragmentation. There are no sector behemoths, and few provide a complete set of services across horizontal divisions. Fortunately, this creates an opportunity for harmonisation and aggregation in a context that adds value to Estates Agency. This site/service is deployed to fill that niche.
Initial soundings from established Estate Agents and Law firms involved in real estate, suggest that the service is welcome and also much anticipated. There is a Caveat though, the Internet medium is still underdeveloped, infrastructure problems are a most potent obstacle to eBusiness in the Nigerian economy, how does a service such as this survive, much less thrive. Request a copy of our report on the business environment in Nigeria as it exists in 2001/2002 "The Nigerian Business Habitat : State of the Ark". Investors are invited to take an interest in this Portal, which would be floated as a separate business concern.


This is a product designed for the retail sector of the Music industry. The eMusicDirectoryTM provides an interface from which customers can interact with products, before committing themselves to a purchase. One of the major obstacles to buying Music and Videos in shops is the uncertainty of content. This is particularly the case with impulse buying. By giving customers a better feel for the content of the item, using high quality sound and video segments to provide a genuine sample, customers gain quick and valuable information needed to complete a firm purchase.
This works against the high return rate that some outlets face. Secondly, for dedicated Music lovers, and Collectors, a vital but missing service, is a Customer-Managed search. This would allow for a quicker, more exhaustive search of archives and current stock to indulge the taste of the committed. The eMusicDirectoryTM product, going by calculations, has the potential to pay back on its total cost within the first year of deployment.

In Europe, and in many other economies the world over, the telephone has become an important tool of the home and the business. Private and public communication is most often conducted using this technology, however, it is only recently that online Telephone Directories have become widespread. In Sub-Saharan Africa, this is yet the case. Opportunity exists for creation of eDirectories that not only provide access to a compendium of phone numbers, but also a selection of value added services for businesses and individuals.
Internet Technologies has completed an innovative design for eDirectories that exceeds those currently deployed anywhere on the Internet. The company has submitted proposals to a number of Telecoms companies and we are hopeful that the model can be applied not only in Africa, but also on other continents, to bring a truly outstanding compendium of synergistic services into one context, and interface. &This service would be most attractive to Media houses, Telecoms and Investors with like portfolio, this is because of the bias towards exposure/visibility and audience over ROI.