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Toyin Oyewole- Chief Executive Officer
Olanrewaju Oyewole- Chief Technical Officer
Abdulmujeeb Olorunnisola- Consultant System Architect
Oluwole Oyebanji- Media Consultant

Toyin Oyewole
Chief Executive Officer
The vision that we have for our corporation, Internet Technologies Ltd (nettechTM), GOD's grace, is that we are active players in the regeneration and rebuilding of our country Nigeria. We have come together, one and all, to offer ourselves to service, to the task of nation building, to the edifying of ourselves and our people, to the reclamation of our rightful place in the league of pre-eminent nations.
We feel that both individuals and corporates have a role to play, in providing leadership and sharing of resources and experience. Our hat is thrown in the ring of technology - the database and the Internet - and we look forward to serving the business community and peoples of this country to the best of our ability, so help us GOD.
Olanrewaju Oyewole
Chief Technical Officer
Technology has the potential to improve so many peoples lives, especially in Third-World economies. A major driver in the founding of this company has been a desire to bring into the Nigerian economy, knowledge and expertise in Information Technology (IT) from Europe, and indirectly, from the USA. The hope is that by working with businesses, and in some cases with the Public sector, improvements in service could in the first instance better the quality of interfaces provided to people.

Alternatively, by increasing the profitability of businesses, and their economic activity, knowledge and wealth percolates to the society at large. With over seven years experience in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, we are in a good position to participate in this mission of trans-continental knowledge exchange, while also securing a place for this company, Internet Technologies Ltd, as the doyen of Nigerian technology corporations in the not too distant future, by GOD's Grace.

AbdulMujeeb Olorunnisola
Consultant System Architect
In the engineering of software systems, it has been clear, since the 1970's that a structured approach to development is not only necessary, but also optimal. Since those times, it would seem that new methods and techniques to support the development process appear almost weekly. At nettech, we know that not all approaches are expedient in all business environments, and we take care to apply only those technologies that best serve the purpose.

Different problems applications require different approaches and techniques and occassionally, an identical problem in a different business context may require an unidentical solution. However, in the engineering of any substantial business systems, we insist on a structure, and certain prerequisite procedures for evolving the solution from the requirement. Our objective at all times is to deliver quality systems that satisfy clients, are enduring, and bolster our reputation as Software System Engineers.

Gabriel is a graduate of the University of Ibadan, and has several years of experience design and development of software systems. His empathy, patience and diligence, in addition to his experience and knowledge of systems engineering, has been invaluable in seeing projects from conception to completion.

Oluwole Oyebanji
Media Consultant
The World Wide Web continues to grow faster than any other segment of the Internet. Its graphical interface and hypertext capabilities have caught the fancy of Internet users and the media like no other tool in history. Businesses, Schools, government and other organisations are flocking to the web to promote themselves and their products in front of an audience spanning the entire planet.

Due to the web's popularity and its cost-effectiveness as a marketing tool, the World Wide Web is quickly becoming the electronic market place of the future. By melding technology and culture, we have been able to preserve the message/intention of our clients - exegesis - while changing the medium of expression, this requires imagination, empathy, and attention to detail, qualities that all nettech clients can take for granted in this new world of opportunities.

Wole is a Graphic Artist/Designer, a talented young man with vast ideas and knowledge in Art and Design. His background has been illustration, however, exposure to the computer and the dexterity of its interface has convinced him of its potential for expression. He now leads our media department and oversees all visual interfaces, online and offline.