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No business is an island, and partnership with industry and sector leaders can help any business leverage the competencies of its partners to improve the quality of its service to clients.  Internet Technologies Ltd (nettechTM) recognises the potential for added value and synergy that such relationships can deliver and initiatives have been launched to establish partnerships within our industry and sector.

Industry Leaders    
Our application for partnership with Oracle Corporation, under their technology partners programme has been approved.  Oracle is by far the leading provider of enterprise database engines to leading companies the world over, and lists the majority of Fortune 500 companies amongst its clients and currently provides first class database engines and applications on the UNIX, Windows, and VAX/VMS platforms.   By partnering with Oracle, and other industry leaders, and niche product and application providers, it is hoped to create a context in which flexibility is retained in dealing with the needs of clients.  Where appropriate, relations with others such as Microsoft and IBM will also be negotiated, at such a time as is expedient.

Local and Complimentary Competencies
Locally, relations are maintained with businesses that have the potetntial to provide complimentary services and/or competencies that may be needed by nettechTM clients.  Among these are the consulting firm of Adeniji Kazeem & Co. as well as an informal relationship with Hyperia, the Internet service providers.  More of such collaborating arrangements are planned for the near future, all with the aim of improving the versatility and potential of the interface provided to clients, especially in consluting.

Sector Clients
Finally, and in addition to relationships with Industry leaders and local businesses, a strategy for partnering with selected businesses in certain sectors of the Nigerian economy has been outlined.  These businesses are seen as partners, to the extent that the company will be working closely with them to help distinguish their services within their sector.  This level of involvement engenders an enduring overlap of interest, which requires more than the client-customer relationship, to attain the good and desirable aims.   We regard them as our partners.  It is the intention to find one, or two, businesses from a number of sectors to form a community of pioneering Nigerian businesses.  

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