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Detailed information about the inception, philosophy, and aspirations of the company Internet Technologies Ltd (nettechTM) in the United Kingdom and Nigeria  ... /cont'd.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Select questions and appropriate answers, this page provides answers to questions that are most frequently asked by our clients and visitors and provides simple and straight answers.  There are a number of pointers to other resources within the site.  However, if you find the answers inadequate, or the question you wish to ask is not covered, please do not hesitate to contact us via post, email of phone, as given on our Contact page below.

Full Address and other Details of our three main offices, London (Head Office), Lagos (Branch Office), Ilorin (Branch Office). In addition, the page provides phone numbers as well as mail and web addresses.

There is a limited availability of advertisement space on the site, for commercial and non-commercial purposes.  If you would like to see the banner or Logo of your company, product, or service on the nettechTM site, follow this link.

In line with our plans for iterating consolidation and growth in our programme of evolutionary development, we are constantly looking to initiate and develop investment opportunities with potential and current partners and Venture Fund managers. Investment opportunities for both internal and external investment in or with Internet Technologies Ltd (nettechTM)

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