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When was Internet Technologies Ltd - nettechTM - founded?

What areas of IT does nettech Specialise in?

Where are the nettech office(s) in my area?

What skills are provided by nettech personnel?

Who are your partners in this economy?

Has the company got any reference clients?

Is the company quoted?

Are there any opportunities for employment?

How can one get more Information about the company?

When was Internet Technologies Ltd - nettechTM - founded?[Top]

The company was founded in 1999.  The head office was opened in London early in the year, and a branch office followed shortly afterwards in Nigeria.

What areas of IT does nettech Specialise in?[Top]

The company prides itself on being first choice for the web-enablement of legacy systems, our premier specialisation is the Internet and its attendant technologies.  Our second area of specialisation is Databases, more especially Oracle, a corporation with which we have a long standing experience of dealing with. Generally though, we provide consultancy based on a theory of Database Systems which is applicable to DB2, SQL Server, Informix, and others, especially in the Analysis and Design phases.

Where are the nettech office(s) in my area?[Top]

Three offices are maintained currently; there is a head office in London, and two branch offices in Lagos and Ilorin. For a full list of our offices, as well as other contact information, visit our Contact page.

What skills are provided by nettech personnel?[Top]

We have tried to build a well rounded team of professionals covering as broad a spectrum of skills as possible, as such we have in-house expertise covering a lot more than Programming, which is the forte of many Software houses.  Our consultants distinguish themselves in other fields such as
      Web Site Design
      Project Management
      Database Security
      Database Design
      Data Warehousing
      Management Information

Who are your partners in this economy?[Top]

Those relationships that we call partnerships fall in to two categories; Technology Partners and Business Partners.  Our main Technology Partner is Oracle Corporation, even though we maintain informal relations with a number of other technology companies.  We are still working on a complement of Business partners, one or two of which are to be chosen from certain sectors in the economy.  Our hope and intention is to help these companies distinguish themselves in their market sector(s).

Has the company got any reference clients?[Top]

Due to minimal penetration of the Internet among Nigerian businesses, we not in a position to reference the websites of our clients directly from ours.  However, we can make mention of a few of our clients that can be contacted regarding our relationship and work.

Adeniji Kazeem & Co
24 Festival Road
Vicoria Island

George Etomi Solicitors & Barristers
4 Nnamdi Azikiwe Street
Port Harcourt

National Association of Chambers of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (NACCIMA)
15A Ikorodu Road

ANPEZ Centre For Environment and Development
#27 St. Andrews Street
P.O. Box 10645
Port Harcourt

Is the company quoted?[Top]

The company has put out offers for investors and Venture Capitalists to take an interest/stake in the company.  There is also considerable effort being invested in the positioning of our online service  The outcome of these activities will determine when and how the quotation of the company will be handled.

Are there any opportunities for employment?[Top]

A page is maintained detailing opportunities for employment at nettech.  We encourage prospective candidates to send an email, with their most recent CV attached, to our Chief Recruitment Officer at the following address   Keep an eye on the Career Zone page for the most current information about careers.

How can one get more Information about the company Internet Technologies Ltd (nettech)?[Top]

For any other information not available on this page, please try our About Us page, or contact us directly using the information on our Contact page.

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