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Double-Hierarchy Data KeyTM
Internet Technologies Ltd Nigeria has designed a system that makes private information available in public contexts, without infringing the privacy of the target.  The system, "Double-Hierarchy Data Key" (DDK), is an implementation of Data security by irreversible de-composition, using keyed hierarchies of data.  This is a system for use, in the first instance by government departments and offices of statistics, but eventually to be made available to businesses and individuals.

The system implements algorithms and procedures that facilitate the sharing of personal data without undermining the rights to privacy of the persons.  The design implements a revolutionary keying system that allows for de-composition and re-composition of personal data, along predefined perspectives/boundaries providing contextually sufficient information that is however insufficient to reconstitute the whole by any means. This design will be invaluable in systems where subsets of private data are to be made available to different interests without revealing the identity of the target.

The Notification Engine as currently implemented is a composite of Intersection (Intersect4) and Notification engines. It facilitates the apprehension of intersection of Interest and Asset in a digital market place and builds on this to provide a flexible architecture for notifying affected actors of the intersection. Notification, in this context, could take many forms, including eMail; Mail; Fax; Pager.  This is a service that is missing in most eCommerce Portals today, Notification is either totally absent, or one-way only.  In any Service and/or Product exchange Portal, there is a responsibility to provide all participants with as perfect a picture of the market as possible.  This results in better decision making, and a dynamic but regular, balance between supply and demand.  By combining the services of the Intersect4EngineTM and the Notificat4EngineTM it is hoped, to fill the niche for effective information dissemination in hyper-active eCommerce Portals.

In any online Exchange that deals with tangible assets, be they Products and/or Services, there is sometimes a need, after agreement is reached, but before/after payment is made, to schedule an offline meeting to effect an inspection, transfer or exchange.  At other times, there may be a discrepancy between what is offered, and what is tendered.  In either case, there is a need for synchronisation, in the face of disparity.  The Synchronisation Engine provides facilities primarily for organising online/offline meetings between intersected parties, but also provides a mechanism for deriving agreement between two or more Entities, on one or more attributes.  The engine effects a number of concentric sets of attribute values, moving parties towards a point of convergence.

A Template Engine should be at the core of any enterprise class website, be it an Intranet, Extranet, or a public deployment on the Internet.  A template engine enforces a principle of good software engineering practise, i.e. the separation of Presentation from Processing, of which one great benefit is the simplification of task partitioning, the division of labour between programmers and interface designers.  This partitioning of function allows the greatest freedom to web page and interface designers to create the best possible pages and screens, without worrying about the impact on programmers.  At the same time, programmers are free to implement the most effective algorithms and processes, without concerns for any negative impact(s) on presentation. This design for a template engine, is implemented as a semi-programmable, HTML based structure; it facilitates the rendering, transposition and interpretation of HTML template files (.ttml).  This gives great flexibility in site design, eases cooperation between programmers and designers, and perhaps most importantly, it shortens the development time considerably.

These technologies under-pin many of the company's internal and external sites, and many clients will already have the benefit of these designs in the deliveries to them.  These designs provide efficient solutions to common problems, in some cases, as in the Template Engine, the design was a reaction to the problems and shortcomings encountered in working with other template engines.  Most of the time though, the designs have been inspired by a perception of need, and opportunity.  Currently, these designs are proprietary; deployed internally and in bespoke solutions, however, consideration continues on ways of making the designs available to third parties, and/or the Open Source community.

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