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Gloria in Excelsis Deo
This company has been founded on, and dedicated to,
the greater glory of GOD almighty, who created the heavens and the earth,
who was, is and will be forever, halleluia, amen.
The directors and staff wish to acknowledge
the supremacy and authority of GOD almighty and
to use this opportunity to give glory to the name of GOD.
Almighty GOD.
Now and forever.

The Company   [Top]
Internet Technologies Ltd was founded in the UK in 1999 and this was followed almost immediately by the launch of a branch office in Nigeria, in the same year. The company was founded by the directors, Oyewole, Tanimola T. and Oyewole, Olanrewaju J., to bring European tech-savvy into the Nigerian economy. In addition to this, there is a deep desire by the board, to try and participate in the re-construction of Nigeria, as such, in addition to the business imperative, there is also a drive to contribute to the peoples and economies of our host communities.  The company is young, as reflected in our key colleagues, and we have imbibed the philosophy and work attitudes of conscience and industry leaders who we hope to emulate  ... /cont'd.

Mission Statement   [Top]
Our mission statement states that we aim "To create a software systems engineering and consulting corporation, providing beneficial services to the communities within which it operates, excelling by striving for highest quality deliverables, and garnering a dominant position in the technology sector of the Nigerian economy within 10 years of January 2000."

Aspirations   [Top]
With leadership from our Chief Executive Officer (CEO), a chartered accountant of Nigeria, and our Chief Technology Officer (CTO), a distinguished technology Consultant from the UK, we have invested heavily in the last year in building a core team of technical experts who have been retrained to the standards that prevail in Europe today. This team has been the foundation on which the company has built its first commercial product, the eMusicDirectory, which is being marketed to local and international businesses in the retail sector of the Media industry

In the pursuit of our stated mission, and having invested much effort and many thousands of pounds (sterling) in the acquisition and development of key personnel, equipment, and relationships. Over eighteen months later, we feel that the foundation for an organisational structure that endures, and strives for excellency and progress has, GOD's grace, been established.  The company is now in its next stage of development where we have started to actively market ourselves to blue chip companies, and to express interest in high profile government projects that fit our aspirations. We are looking forward, GOD willing, to taking our place among the leaders of our sector in Nigeria and the West African sub region.

Current Portfolio   [Top]
The company numbers among its clients, the firm of Solicitors and Corporate Consultants, Adeniji Kazeem & Co. as well as ANPEZ Centre for Environment and Development.  In line with a strategy for development, effort is being expended to build a portfolio of clients that are interested in using technology to improve service to clients.  For more information about our clients, and/or client references, please contact our Customer Services by Email or by Post.  Full details are available on the Contact page, accessible by clicking here.

Market Positioning   [Top]
In line with the aspirations of the company, and the relative expense of the products and services offered, the target market at this time, is limited to medium to high value companies with a turnover of at least 20 million Naira.  The primary service provided is consulting and strategic business advise in technology matters, however, this service builds upon other competencies, such as Programming, Systems and Database consulting, Project Management, among others.  As the market evolves and grows, it is hoped that these services will be extended to many more businesses that may not fit the profile of our typical client today.

Partners   [Top]
In light of the fact that the company sells itself primarily as Internet and Database consultants, and due to the fact that this is where the company's core competencies lie.  Priority has been given to forming partnership with industry leaders in those areas, so as to improve the quality of service and distinguish the company along the lines of its competencies.  To this end, the company has applied for, and been granted Oracle Partnership in Nigeria.  Other partnerships are also being negotiated, some are under consideration, and others will be broached when expediency dictates.

Investors   [Top]
The Nigerian economy retains the potential for rapid and explosive growth, once infrastructure and other problems have been ironed out.  The actions of the present government suggest that there is some hope that these aspirations are not altogether unrealistic.  In order to secure the resources necessary to manage requisite growth in the economy, the company is looking actively for investors to take an interest in the company, and hold a stake in its potential in a growing Nigerian economy.  More information can be found on the Investors page.  Interested parties can also Contact the company directly, and/or arrangement can be made with solicitors, Adeniji Kazeem and Co., for full and comprehensive details of available offers.

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