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This is our flagship product; currently being offered to local and international outlets in the retail sector of the Media industry.   The product boosts turnover by promoting sales, mitigating against damages to goods, and reducing returns of sold items. This is achieved by improving pre-sales accessibility, open protocols, and integration with legacy systems.    
Our online Estates Agency service which promises to revolutionise the concept property trading is now LIVE!. The services offered by this site combine, simplicity, imagination, efficiency, to deliver, what is a truly outstanding way of bringing buyers and sellers together using Internet technologies. The site was launched in February 2002 to early reviewers. Visit us now!

This is a proprietary design for online phone directories, providing fundamental and value added services to the clients of mobile and terrestrial telecommunications companies. The package is currently being discussed with a number of operators, we hope to have agreed terms for the development and deployment of this package of features and services that we hope will add value to owning and using phones in Nigeria.

We are in the process of engineering other pioneering systems, applications and designs which we hope to release to the in the coming year.  Many of our products and services are built on a foundation of innovative technologies that demonstrate that Nigeria is a place to reckon with, as far as IT is concerned.  
Visit our Innovations page to get an insight into what we've been getting up to!

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